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The “Magical” 3-Step Formula New Traders Use to Beat the Market Did you know that you don’t have to work on Wall Street to make fortune trading stocks and options?

The technology, access to products and low trade fees allow everyone to have control over their own capital and make the best out of it. As long as you know what you are doing, you can create wealth and prosperous life using the knowledge, technics, and resources provided. There are many traders who trade for a living and are even beating Wall Street. Financial markets today are more competitive, complex and efficient. There are the buyers of the stocks or options when you sell; also there are the sellers of the stocks or options you buy. The market is full of buyers and sellers, so more sellers there are lower the market goes when more buyers – the market goes higher.

The key is staying focused on your goals, executing the trading plan and strategies you have created for yourself and avoiding the “noise” and wrong messages surrounding your trades.

Learn about these 3 key steps which may transform the way you trade and make you a much better, successful trader than most out there.

STEP # 1 Learn the market your trade-in. Pick a product, which stock or option you are comfortable with and may understand better and stick with it every day, every month and every year. By focusing and trading the same company stock or option over and over, you get its “character” and style so when It’s time for it to make the next move up or down, you will be able to predict it better than the other traders who are all over the place and don’t know as much about that product as you do.

STEP # 2 Understand the measure of your risk and have it under control. Most new traders hold on to their profitable positions for too long and with any sudden, unforeseen market even the gains if not locked turn into losing trades. Fair and greed are the core of the market and it is never wrong to take your profits when your daily goals are met. There is always another day to trade and another opportunity to make more profit.

STEP # 3 Like any other business, your trading business also has some costs you need to be aware of to become a successful trader for a long time. Investing some time and money in your continuing education is extremely important since one key strategy or technical move that you could learn during your training could potentially make you tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions overtime. Investing in yourself, your knowledge and skills are The Best and The Most investment you could EVER do. REMEMBER THAT…

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