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Is SOFI a Buy Here...?

SoFi’s mission is to help people reach financial independence to realize their ambitions.

And financial independence doesn’t just mean being rich—it means getting to a point where your money works for the life you want to live.

Everything we do is geared toward helping members get their money right.

We’re constantly innovating and building ways to give our members what they need to make that happen.


  • Student Loan Refinancing

  • Medical/Dental Resident Refinancing

  • Parent PLUS Refinancing

  • Medical Professional Refinancing

  • Law and MBA Refinancing

  • Private Student Loans

  • Undergraduate Student Loans

  • Graduate Student Loans

  • Law and MBA Loans

  • Parent Student Loans

  • Personal Loans

  • Credit Card Consolidation Loans

  • Home Improvement Loans

  • Family Planning Loans

  • Travel Loans

  • Wedding Loans

  • Home Loans

  • Mortgage Loans

  • Mortgage Refinance

  • Auto Loan Refinance

  • SoFi Invest®

  • IPO Investing

  • Crypto

  • Fractional Shares

  • Active Investing

  • Automated Investing

  • ETFs

  • SoFi Protect

  • Renters Insurance

  • Homeowners Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Life Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • SoFi Credit Card

  • SoFi Money®

  • SoFi Relay

  • SoFi at Work